Our company Akrogiali Rent a Car is one of the first rental car agencies on the island of Naxos. Founded in 1987, we have been recognized for our professionalism, reliability and customer satisfaction, exceeding all expectations. We are one of the most dynamic and progressive car and moto rental agencies in the local market, with a commitment of excellence to our all customers.

In the last years we have added scooters and quads to cover all your transportation needs around the island. From our enhanced fleet you can choose every kind of new car, large or compact, family friendly, as well a new scooters and quads. We will meet all your transport needs, so you can focus on your vacation.

We extend special offers throughout the period of time you choose our rentals and services, and always with our welcoming and warm hospitality. With our 30-year experience in the field we continue to be an upwardly mobile company, offering our services with free pickup and delivery to the desired place which is convenient for you, be it the hotel of your choice, the sea port, or Naxos Airport.

Akrogiali Rent a Car Naxos  by professionals gives you the freedom to explore and discover the beauty of incredible landscapes, sandy beaches, picturesque villages and historical monuments, with style and comfort.

Enjoy the ride!

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