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Naxos: A World to Experience

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades. The rare beauty and the particular topography make it the only island that does not look like the rest of the Cycladic complex. The island combines the Cycladic beauty (blue waters, beautiful white houses, cobbled streets and picturesque neighborhoods) together with a touch of the Sporades and the Dodecanese islands, given that the dominating vegetation of the major two mountains, Za and Fanari incur the backbone of Naxos. Its rich geographical relief creates dramatic changes of scenery, which coexist harmoniously on this small piece of land and give Naxos the rarity it deserves.


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Beautiful & unique

Naxos has throughout a beautiful and clean coast, which is accompanied by small lonely coves, as well as the famous beaches of the southwestern coast, which are rapidly growing on popularity.The beach of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, Orkos, Mikri Vigla, Kastraki, Aliko and Pyrgaki are only a few of the known beaches with kilometers of platinum sand. The beaches of Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna are the ones that present the largest touristic development, with shops of all kinds satisfiying even the most demanding visitor.The other beaches have touristic infrastructure but without having been turned into crowded tourist resorts.

Naxos acquired over the last decades the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a modern tourist resort but at the same time has managed to maintain its traditional color, its popular culture and the sense of historicity deeply rooted in its tradition.

The Chora town, port and administrative center of the island, is a modern city that offers all services and amenities to visitors and residents of the island like health center, banks, post office, market, restaurants, bars and cafes. The intense life prevails throughout the year and not only during the summer, as the island has many permanent residents who maintain the vitality and distinctive colors of the island throughout the year.

Agios Arsenios

One of the most fertile and rich parts of the island is the village of Agios (St.) Arsenios or Agersani as locals call it. The village is now split into three settlements with many monuments and churches, able to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

The people are occupied with farming and agriculture since the village is cultivating the famous potato of Naxos. In recent years, locals are also investing in tourism, since Agersani has become a crowded tourist attraction, as visitors will find here the most beautiful and famous beaches of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and the 5km long Plaka beach

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Naxos… Naxos is the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades. The visitor will find a unique natural landscape with endless and spectacular beaches beside crystal clear waters.


Apeiranthos is perhaps the “most authentic” village of Naxos and one of the most beautiful places of the Aegean. Apeiranthos is nowadays the spiritual center of the island and has a rich tradition and culture. At the archaeological museum of the village there are findings of the Cycladic era, with the prominent “jagged marble slabs” (“epikroustes plates”) of Korfis Aronis. Apart from the archaeological museum, visitors can enjoy the geological museum of Manolis Glezos with rare exhibits, the Folk Museum and the Museum of Natural History with many plants and mammal skeletons, as well as a beautiful aquarium.

The village, beyond a synonym for culture is also a destination for those seeking the ultimate natural beauty combined with the charm of a traditional Cycladic village.Walk through the cobblestone streets, pass beneath the marble arches and taste the best wine of the island at the traditional cafes.

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