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Akrogiali Rent a Moto, Scooter or Quad rental agency in Naxos Will Help You Discover Our Extraordinary Island

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Your journey starts with Akrogiali Rent a Moto Naxos

From Portara Gate, to the Tower of Agia, to Kouros in Apollonas, an Akrogiali Scooter, Moto & Quad Rental will help you discover the untamed natural beauty of the island of Naxos. From the highest radiant village, to every pristine beach or small breathtaking cove. We can help you start your journey.


At Akrogiali Rent a Moto / Scooter / Quad Naxos we are more than happy to deliver and collect your rental bike from the airport, the sea port or your hotel. Let us take care of your moto rental details, giving you the convenience of just focusing on your vacation. And always free of charge!


Book with us Online reliably, economically and conveniently. All this with the ease and convenience of a single click, from your phone or computer. We are always available 24/7 to accept your reservation, starting your travels with Akrogiali Rent a Moto.


We offer the lowest and most competitive moto, scooter and quad rentals rates on the island of Naxos, without compromise and year round. Book with us today at Akrogiali Rent a Scooter Naxos, and start your discovery of our magical island with all it has to offer.

Rent a Moto Naxos by Akrogiali Rentals

One of the first car and moto rental agencies on Naxos, Akrogiali Rent a Scooter, Moto or Quad is recognized today for  professionalism, reliability and customer satisfaction. Founded in 1987, we continue to be one of the most dynamically developing car rental agencys on Naxos. Our commitment is always to our customers, providing the best moto rental service on the island.

Why Akrogiali Rent a Moto Naxos?

Excellent services

We are proud to offer stellar, uncompromising service to our customers, by giving the best possible moto rental experience, on Naxos.

Reliable Moto's - Scooter - Quad's

Our fleet of motorbikes and scooters are expertly maintained for functionality and safety, giving you the peace of mind you deserve so you can immerse yourself in your vacation.

Affordable prices

We offer the most competitive and affordable prices on the island of Naxos since 1987.

Frequent checks

To make sure that our customers only need focus on their Naxos vacation, we frequently check all our rental vehicles, making sure that they are always safe and in top working condition.


At Akrogiali Rent a Moto we endeavor to gain the Trust of our customers, with straight forwardness and honesty being our absolute policy, because our Customers come first.

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Clean vehicles

We are meticulous about the cleanliness of our moto rentals, always making sure that our customers ride a clean and safevehicle when starting a vacation on the island of Naxos.

Akrogiali Rent a Moto, gives you the freedom and convenience to explore and discover the beauty of Naxo’s incredible landscapes, sandy beaches, picturesque villages and historical monuments.

Enjoy your ride

Rent a Moto, scooter or Quad

From our renewed fleet feel free to choose any type of vehicle according to your needs Choose your moto, scooter or quad and feel safe to explore Naxos from one edge to the other.
Our professional stuff will be always nexto to you in order to be and feel safe. Trust Akrogiali Rental agency and have great time with family or friends.

Free Delivery with Akrogiali

We are happy provide special offers for the entirety of your stay, when you book with us here at Akrogiali Moto , Scooter & Quad rental agency. With 30 years experience in car rentals services, we continue to be a progressive company. We always offer free delivery and pickup with our rentals, be it the Airport, the hotel of your choice or the port.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.
At Akrogiali Rent a Scooter Naxos we offer the most reliable, safe and clean cars.

Our Competitive Rates Include

Why Choose us

With Akrogiali Rentals you can be sure…

  • Low Prices
  • Many Free Amenities
  • Excellent Support
  • New & safe vehicles
  • Free delivery & Pickup


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Discover Naxos with Akrogiali Rent a Moto Naxos

Naxos is the largest island of the Cycladic group, in the Aegean. It enjoys an uncommon beauty due to its unique topology, which allows it to stand out among its siblings. The island features much of the allure of the Aegean, with turquoise waters, white washed houses, cobble stone streets and intimate neighborhoods with a continuity to the past. Adding to this it borrows a similar motif to the island groups of Sporades and the Dodecanese, sharing a similar flora on the primary mountains of Za and Fanari, which make up the lion’s share of Naxos. It’s affluent topographical relief embellishes an extreme variety of scenery, coexisting tranquilly on this geophysical miracle planted in the center of the Aegean sea.
At Rent a Scooter Naxos will give you the freedom to discover it.

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